Commercial Vehicle & Fleet Insurance Tailored To Your Needs

Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance

When you’re considering your insurance options, make sure you select a company that understands the commercial auto, trucking and transportation industry. At CoSaint, we have many commercial auto insurance solutions for you to consider.

Your company may depend on commercial vehicles every day as an essential part of doing business. If this is the case, you may need protection (as well as your employees) to protect against hazardous road conditions, inclement weather and other drivers on the road.

CoSaint’s Commercial Auto Insurance products include:

  • Auto liability
  • Medical payments
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured and under-insured motorists coverage
  • Coverage for autos you borrow or rent
  • Coverage for employees using their cars for the business
  • Non-owned and Hired Autos
  • Cargo Liability

At CoSaint, we will help you find the right coverage for your commercial auto insurance needs. We have access to leading carriers in the commercial auto insurance industry and will help you find the right coverage at the most affordable price.

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A Closer Look At Commercial Vehicle Insurance Options

There are several different types of Commercial Auto policy coverages for businesses. Let’s discuss a few of the more common coverages.

Pays damages due to bodily injury to others for which you are responsible. This is very similar to Bodily Injury coverage on your personal auto policy. If you are sued, it can also cover your defense and court costs.

In similar fashion to your personal auto insurance policy, Property Damage coverage covers property damage to others (for which you are responsible). If you are sued, it also pays your defense and court costs.

Pays medical and funeral expenses for bodily injury to a covered person sustained in an accident in your auto. This is very similar to your personal auto policy.

Collision Coverage pays for a covered auto that is damaged by collision with another object. Just like your personal auto policy, claims are subject to your deductible chosen for Collision coverage.

Comprehensive coverage pays for a covered auto that is stolen or damaged by causes other than collision. Just like your personal auto policy, claims are subject to your deductible chosen for Comprehensive coverage.

UM/UIM coverage covers injuries, and in some circumstances property damage, when you are involved in an accident with another person who is uninsured (or whose insurance coverage limits are less than the limits needed to cover your losses).

If you are renting a vehicle or have employees that utilize their own vehicles as a part of your business, then you may want to consider this coverage. Hired / Non-owned Auto Liability coverage provides coverage against liability arising from the use of a rented or leased vehicle (hired), or a non-owned vehicle (i.e. an employee using their vehicle for company business). This coverage can be added to a Commercial Auto policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance in NC & SC

CoSaint offers Commercial Auto insurance in South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky. When it comes to Commercial Auto insurance, CoSaint will work with you to assure you have the appropriate amount coverage at the right price. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we will get quotes from leading insurance companies to help you select the most effective and affordable coverage possible. We will then walk you through your options and help you identify additional savings. You can drive your commercial vehicles freely and without worries knowing CoSaint is with you every step of the way.