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CoSaint Insurance is pleased to serve the residents and businesses of the amazing Ballantyne, NC area.  CoSaint is a family-owned, independent insurance agency with over 30 years of experience serving Ballantyne and the surrounding areas.  Over that time, we’ve experienced the amazing job the Ballantyne area has done attracting resident and businesses to relocate and call Ballantyne home.   This is evidenced by the amazing development of corporate and residential buildings all along Johnston Road and nearby streets in the area.  We are always amazed at the meticulous planning evidenced throughout the Ballantyne Corporate Park and the success Ballantyne has had attracting large businesses to the area (like one of our carrier MetLife).   With the commercial growth comes residential growth, and we’ve see this transformation take place first hand in Ballantyne and other spots around the area.

CoSaint Insurance has one of our offices located in Ballantyne and we’ve helped individuals and businesses all over the area find the most affordable personal and commercial products in the industry.  Our goal is to provide coverage and peace of mind to all of our Ballantyne clients.

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Work with Our Experienced Insurance Agents

Our experienced, professional agents will work with you to determine the appropriate coverage to protect what’s most important to you.  Whether you are looking for renters insurance for your first apartment or commercial auto insurance for a large fleet of vehicles, we appreciate your business and look forward to showing you what makes CoSaint Insurance a leader in Rock Hill and the surrounding areas.

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  • Experienced agents to consult, advise and explain insurance coverage
  • A personal liaison for questions, service and guidance during the claims process
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  • Insurance reviews each policy period to shop your rates and review your coverage
  • Expertise in real estate, property & liability for individuals & business
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  • Compare coverage options and policy pricing from several leading providers
  • Help impact your community through our local philanthropic efforts

Personal Insurance in Ballantyne, NC

CoSaint Insurance offers a full suite of Personal Lines (i.e. insurance for individuals) products from over 20 leading insurance carriers.  As an Independent Agency, we offer local agents to support you every step of the way and choice from all the leading carriers.  We understand that your home, vehicles, and other personal belongings are large (and important) investments, so we work hard to make sure you have the right protection and the right price.  We also provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your most valuable assets are always protected. Our clients enjoy the fact that we handle everything for them, from service request to shopping policies each renewal period.  We are backed by the leading insurance companies to ensure we are finding the most competitive rates for your homeowners, renters, and other personal insurance policies.

CoSaint Insurance can assist you in finding the following personal lines insurance policies

Homeowners Insurance
  • Property Insurance: Property insurance will protect your home if it is destroyed, damaged, robbed, or vandalized. Whether you need a standard homeowners policy for your single family home, or you need condo or renters insurance, CoSaint will work with you to determine the right coverage and the best price.
  • Auto Insurance: Ballantyne can be a busy place, and this means that residents need to be very careful when on the road. In today’s world, most individuals spend a significant amount of their time on the roads, commuting to work and ultimately sitting in traffic. Auto insurance protects you if your vehicle is damaged or stolen, and it will also cover damage to property or injury to others caused by a vehicle operated by you or a member of your family.  This can be a big exposure for you and your family, so you want to make sure you have coverage in case something bad happens.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: There is nothing like riding through the beautiful streets of Ballantyne on a bike! But, you need to be careful.  Motorcycle insurance will protect you if you are injured on a motorcycle or if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged.  Equally important, this coverage will protect you if a motorcycle driven by you or a family member causes damage to property or injures others.
  • Boat Insurance: Ballantyne residents enjoy the proximity to many wonderful lakes. Living near Lake Wylie and Lake Norma presents great opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful natural scenery.  Many Ballantyne residents take advantage of this by owning a boat.  Boats can be a large investment, so you need to protect this investment with boat insurance.  Boat insurance protects against loss to your boat, motors, trailers, and equipment.  You’re also covered against physical injury to others caused by you or other boat operators while enjoying your time on the water.
  • RV & ATV Insurance: Ballantyne residents also often enjoy the outdoor lifestyle by purchasing a recreational vehicle. An ATV or RV is a great way to explore the Charlotte area.  But, whether you plan to take your RV on the open road or explore the outskirts of Ballantyne on an ATV, you need insurance to protect you if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.  You’ll also be protected if your RV or ATV causes damage to property or injury to others while being operated by you or a member of your household.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella policies help you sleep easy at night.  Occasionally, the coverage limits on your home and/or auto policies are not enough to cover large jury awards if a case goes to court.  If you want the added protection, an umbrella policy, in addition to your existing coverage, provides additional liability protection in case something bad happens.

Business Insurance in Ballantyne

CoSaint Insurance also helps local Ballantyne businesses with their insurance needs.  In the same manner we help individuals, we wants to help local, Ballantyne business owners by managing their insurance relationship for them. We have a team of seasoned agents who understand the coverages that unique businesses need and are armed with the best carriers in the industry.  Every business has specific insurance needs, so CoSaint does not take a generic approach while shopping for insurance coverage. Our agents spend time understand the business needed and are committed to finding the right policy at the best price.

CoSaint Insurance can assist you in finding the following commercial lines insurance policies:

Business Insurance
  • Business Owner Policies: A business owner policy (BOP) is a policy geared for small and medium-sized businesses. BOP’s help small and medium-sized businesses protect against potential losses. It combines many types of coverage, including liability, building, business property, and loss of income.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Much like a homeowner’s policy, commercial property insurance covers a business’s building (if applicable) and property, but it also covers loss of income and other liability. Property coverage is appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses to make sure their assets are covered.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Businesses in Ballantyne often times have vehicles that are used in the course of business. CoSaint offers many different commercial auto insurance solutions for you to consider. We have a long history of assisting Ballantyne business owners, and we understand the commercial auto, trucking, and transportation industries around the Charlotte area. Contact us to determine the coverage that best Auto coverage that fits your business.
  • General & Professional Liability Insurance: Sometimes, honest mistakes can lead to large lawsuits. As a result, it’s often essential for businesses to carry general and (if applicable) professional liability coverage to protect against claims of negligence and personal injury claims.  CoSaint Insurance can help you determine the level of coverage needed for your business.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Just like a Persona umbrella policy, Commercial umbrella policies, combined with existing insurance coverage, provide extra liability protection in a litigious situation. It’s an affordable way to protect your business when really bad things happen.  Just like an umbrella, a Commercial umbrella policy sits over underlying policy and provides extra liability coverage if needed.  If you feel this coverage is right for you, please contact CoSaint for more information.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Ballantyne businesses need to protect their employee as well. Employees are an important asset to any business and business take great care to make sure the work environment is safe and secure.   Workers compensation insurance is mandated by the State for certain businesses and helps to mitigate this exposure.  Workers compensation policies cover payments to injured employees for medical bills resulting from injuries occurring while on the job.  If you are not sure if you need to carry workers compensation coverage, please reach out to CoSaint today.  An experienced CoSaint agent will work with you to determine if this coverage is needed and can also find the right coverage for your business at the right price.

Work With Experienced Insurance Agents

At CoSaint, our experienced, professional agents will work with you to determine the appropriate coverage to protect what’s most important to you or your business.  Whether you are looking for renters insurance for your first apartment or commercial auto insurance for a large fleet of vehicles, we appreciate your business and look forward to showing you what makes CoSaint Insurance different than what you may have come to expect in the insurance industry.

Get Started

CoSaint offers a variety of options for your to consider. Visit our website to fill out our quote form or speak with an agent at 877-529-8127.  Either way, we’ll work with you to determine the best coverage options for your needs and promise to find you the best rates available. Contact us today to get started!