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CoSaint Insurance is an independent insurance agency with over 30 years of experience serving the Carolinas, including Waxhaw, NC.  We have seen the tremendous growth in Waxhaw over the years and have had the pleasure to insure many of the beautiful homes in Waxhaw.

Despite the growth top over 10,000 residents, Waxhaw has managed to maintain its quaint charm.  We love to visit the downtown area and treasure the relationships we have formed with the Waxhaw residents.

We are always amazed at the many new homes and subdivisions being built in Waxhaw (Cavaillon, The Preserve at Marvin, Kensington Place, etc…).  As everyone knows, buying a new home is a perfect time to evaluate your insurance needs.   As an independent agency, CoSaint represents over 20 leading carriers and we have very competitive solutions for Waxhaw residents and businesses.  If you are a new Waxhaw resident (or just moving to the area), please reach out.  We would live to speak with you.

CoSaint Insurance offers a full suite of insurance products to meet the changing needs of the Waxhaw community.  We’ve helped Waxhaw residents with homeowners, auto, umbrella, boat, motorcycle and renters’ insurance coverage at affordable rates.  We also help local businesses to secure Business Owners, General Liability, Property, and Workers Compensation policies.  Our goal is to find the right coverage at the best price for our Waxhaw customers.

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Work with Our Experienced Insurance Agents

Our experienced, professional agents will work with you to determine the appropriate coverage to protect what’s most important to you.  Whether you are looking for renters insurance for your first apartment or commercial auto insurance for a large fleet of vehicles, we appreciate your business and look forward to showing you what makes CoSaint Insurance a leader in Rock Hill and the surrounding areas.

Two people looking at insurance policy - [text] Guidance
  • Experienced agents to consult, advise and explain insurance coverage
  • A personal liaison for questions, service and guidance during the claims process
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  • Insurance reviews each policy period to shop your rates and review your coverage
  • Expertise in real estate, property & liability for individuals & business
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  • Compare coverage options and policy pricing from several leading providers
  • Help impact your community through our local philanthropic efforts

Personal Insurance in Waxhaw

Regardless of your stage of life, it is important to periodically check to make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect you and your family.  CoSaint offers the full suite of Personal Lines products and will work with you to help you understand what you are purchasing.  We will also be your main point of contact for on-going servicing, claims and reviewing your insurance coverage each year.  CoSaint Insurance works diligently with our clients to make sure you have the right coverage, and that you are never paying more than you should for insurance coverage.

As an independent insurance agency, we work with over 20 leading insurance carriers that we can shop on your behalf.  And, we shop your insurance with all of our carriers each renewal.  Best of all, we are also local agents in your area, not just a website or call center.  So, we are there when you need us and appreciate developing a meaningful relationship with our Waxhaw clients.  We always ensure that you have the right coverage for your needs and we find the best rates for your homeowners, auto, renters, motorcycle and all other personal lines policies.

CoSaint Insurance offers the following personal lines products:

Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance: The growth of Waxhaw has also brought many more vehicles to the area. As a result, it is more important than ever that you have comprehensive coverage for your vehicles and enough liability coverage to protect you in case of an accident.  Auto insurance is mandated by the state and protects you if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.  Auto insurance policies will also cover damage to property or injury to others caused by a vehicle operated by you or a member of your family.  There are extra coverages that can also be added such as rental reimbursement and towing / roadside assistance (if needed).
  • Homeowners & Renters Insurance: Property insurance covers your most important assets. Home and Renter’s insurance policies are designed to protect you if your home or personal belongings are damaged, robbed, or vandalized.  Whether you own a home, condo, townhome, or rent, CoSaint has the right coverage for you.  CoSaint Insurance will help your find you the coverage you need at an affordable price.
  • Boat Insurance: Waxhaw is perfectly situated between two fantastic lakes, Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. Both lakes offer a beautiful venue for Waxhaw residents to enjoy.  Many Waxhaw residents also own a boat and understand that everything is better on a boat.  Just like your home and autos, they need to make sure they protect this important investment.  CoSaint Insurance offers boat policies that protects against loss to your boat, motors, trailers, and equipment.  You’re also covered against physical injury to others caused by you or other boat operators.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Motorcycles are a great way to explore the Charlotte area and there is nothing better than cruising around the beautiful surroundings of Waxhaw on a bike. Motorcycle insurance will protect you if you are injured on a motorcycle or if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged.  Motorcycle coverage also protects you if your motorcycle driven by you or a family member causes damage to property or injures others.  Please make sure you have the right coverage before you ride!
  • RV & ATV Insurance: Another great way to explore the Waxhaw is in a RV or on an ATV. Both RV’s and ATV’s come in many shapes, sizes, and price points.   So, it is important to discuss your needs with a qualified insurance agent from CoSaint to make sure you are covered properly.  Your needs may change depending if you plan to take your RV on the open road or explore rural areas of Waxhaw by ATV.  CoSaint offers RV and ATV policies from the leading insurance carriers to provide coverage if your RV or ATV is damaged, or if your RV or ATV causes damage to property or injury to others while being operated by you or a member of your household.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Sometimes coverage limits on your homeowners, automobile, boat, rental, or motorcycle policies are not enough to cover your losses.  In today litigious environment the losses can be devastating.  An umbrella policy extends liability over these underlying policies and protects you if really bad things happen.

Commercial & Business Insurance in Waxhaw, NC

Waxhaw is expanding rapidly with new businesses as well.  CoSaint Insurance helps local business owners in Waxhaw manage their insurance needs on their behalf.  CoSaint represents to top Commercial carriers in the industry and have very competitive markets in Waxhaw, NC.  Reach out to CoSaint today to get a quote from leading insurance companies and learn how CoSaint delivers a business insurance experience that is different from what you may have come to expect in the insurance industry.

CoSaint Insurance can assist you in finding the following commercial insurance policies:

Business Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance: Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. This presents unique liability exposures for business owners.  The type of business, the nature of their work, and daily operations all play a role in determining these exposures.   The losses can be significant.  As a result, it is necessary for businesses to carry general and potentially professional liability coverage, which protects against anything from claims of negligence to personal injury claims.  CoSaint is available and ready to help determine the potential exposures, the level of coverage needed, and the best product available for your business.  We will also shop your policy across all of our carriers.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Similar to a homeowners policy, businesses need to cover their buildings and business personal property. Commercial property insurance provides coverage for your business property in case of fire, theft, and other covered perils.  CoSaint will help you determine the appropriate amount of property coverage that you need to protect your assets.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Some Waxhaw businesses also have unique auto insurance needs. CoSaint is a proven leader in providing coverage for the commercial auto, trucking, and transportation industry.  CoSaint offers liability and physical damage coverage for single or fleet coverage.  Contact us to determine the right coverage for your business.
  • Business Owner Policies: A business owner policy (BOP) is an insurance policy tailored for small and medium sized businesses. These policies cover a business’s property and liability coverage…all on the same policy.  These policies protect against potential losses and combine many types of coverage, including business property, liability, building, and loss of income.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: Your employees need protection too! As mandated by the State, many Waxhaw businesses are required to carry workers compensation insurance to cover injuries to employees during the course of work.  Workers Compensation policies cover payment for medical bills of employees injured on the job.  Call CoSaint today and an experienced CoSaint agent will work with you to determine the right coverage for your business.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Just like personal umbrella policies, commercial umbrella policies provide an extra layer of liability coverage on top of underlying policies. Combined with existing insurance coverage, commercial umbrella policies add additional liability coverage against litigation that can result in large losses.  This type of policy is an affordable way to protect your business if something bad happens.

Experienced Insurance Agents

CoSaint Insurance has had great experience in Waxhaw, NC.  It is our aspiration goal to change the perception of the insurance industry and we feel we are doing this for one client at a time. We are excited to be the insurance agency of choice for all your insurance needs in Waxhaw.  Whether you need homeowners insurance for your home or a general liability policy for your expanding business, we look forward to showing you what makes CoSaint different from the rest.  Our experienced, professional agents will provide you with top-notch service as we shop your quote for the best price, and we’ll continue to shop your quote throughout your policy term.

Get Started

We offer a variety of convenient options to get you started.  Request a quote with our custom or instant portal. You can also call or email to contact an experienced agent directly.  With two locations, right around the corner in Ballantyne and Fort Mill, we are ready to serve you.  Contact us to get started today!